These are the results from my 3 Day Refresh!

I gave myself the gift of a clean start. This is the third time I’ve done this mini cleanse and I plan to do it once a quarter as a tune up, just like I would do if I had a car. My body is my temple and I do my best to treat it as such. <3

I’m happy to have documented it for the awareness that this is actually what I should be eating — 5 servings of fruit & vegetables, healthy fat and protein — !  I do my best to follow a Paleo diet, especially because I have blood type O and a sensitivity to gluten.

I also have the mediterranean blood disorder Thalassemia Minor, which causes me to become fatigued easily. I combat this with exercising every day, plenty of B-complex vitamins (especially B12), folic acid and high quality protein. I have been drinking Vegan Shakeology just about every day for the past 9 months, which is a complete multivitamin, with pre and probiotics, fiber, antioxidants, superfoods and protein, and I consider it to be my medicine. I’d much rather drink dense nutrients and take control of my health than rely on a pharmaceutical pill and chemicals. Ya dig?

The Refresh has been a reminder of my pattern to turn to food for comfort, even when I’m not hungry, to distract myself from doing something hard or uncomfortable.

This program is a great jumpstart to transition into a positive lifestyle change!

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Day 3:

Brekkie: IMG_2160 Lunch: IMG_2184

Snack: IMG_2202 Dinner: IMG_2205

127IMG_5112 124IMG_5119



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These are the nutrition facts for regular (non-vegan) chocolate Shakeology; there is simply nothing else like it!:Shakeology-label

The Healthiest Meal of the Day ! <3




Today is the second day of the 3 Day Refresh, a cleanse/reboot that I’m doing because

1. It is a streamlined, easy to follow plan to lose weight and highlight/nix bad habits in a healthy way (it’s not liquid/juice/fast)

2. I want to look and feel great for the holidays and my 10 year reunion

2. I’m overwhelmed with schoolwork and starting my own business, and a plan like this helps me to stay on task because I’m beginning to recognize that I may have an eating disorder.

…..Or maybe I’m just overanalyzing. Which I’ve been known to do. It’s a delicate situation, as I’m studying counseling psychology and may have picked up the dreaded “Medical Student Syndrome,” thinking that I’ve contracted the diseases that I’m learning about in the DSM-V. Pretty sure I have at least half of the disorders that I read about ;)

I eat real food. I drink vegan protein. I exercise every day. Here is the documentation, and the results from the first time I completed the program over the summer (not touched up in any way):


I lost 5 pounds in 3 days, I wasn’t hungry, and I had energy to continue my active lifestyle :)

BREAKFAST (Shakeology & fruit):

Day 1:IMG_2042     Day 2:IMG_2094

FIBER SWEEP (get the gunk out):

Day 1:IMG_2065     Day 2:  IMG_2106

LUNCH (fruit, vegetable, healthy fat, vegan protein):

Day 1: IMG_2073     Day 2: IMG_2108

AFTERNOON SNACK (Vegetable & healthy fat):

Day 1: IMG_2079     Day 2: IMG_2114

DINNER (Vegetables, vegan protein):

Day 1: IMG_2090     Day 2:IMG_2147

Yesterday was a breeze but today was HARD! I noticed myself wanting to distract myself from my responsibilities with food, even though I wasn’t hungry. I have a pattern of emotional eating and soothing through food and alcohol. This is why I have chosen to abstain from drinking; I knew in the back of my mind that it was a problem, and having the dream interpretation sealed the deal.

Hopefully tomorrow is easier. I’m looking forward to my final day and before/afters!

I plan to do this cleanse once a quarter, and have it coming to me on home direct. Reach out if you’re interested in doing this; you’ll have me as a coach to help you through. It works!


judge“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing. ”
— Aristotle

What I’m realizing is, the hardest critic can be yourself.

I’ve completely FAILED.

I had this gnawing sense of unease that kept me up last night. I get so excited sometimes that I don’t clearly communicate or think things through; I just jump in with both feet and then end up questioning myself.

In my effort to share what’s working for me, what I’m excited about, I ended up sounding pushy and “salesy” and I haaaaaate it, because that’s not ME.

Know what else I’ve failed at? Following through. I get so overwhelmed that I don’t give myself the time or the opportunity to do the things that I say I’m going to. Like that Ultimate Reset cleanse. Nope, hasn’t happened. I’ve been giving myself every excuse to avoid doing something that I know will be challenging. I failed hard. I became so overwhelmed with school, work, and life, that I “didn’t have the time” to sit down and prepare. I “couldn’t” get my act together to begin on the self-imposed date. Frankly, I have noticed that this is how I interact with information, too. I put it off, I ignore it, I distract myself with other things. It’s very obvious to me, especially as I write my Gestalt paper, exploring my relationship to food & how I consume information.

What a roller coaster! It’s all about balance and trusting in this journey that God has given me, and never giving up. My professor once told me that to abolish that harsh inner critic, it is imperative to cultivate a spiritual practice.

So, after morning yoga, meditation and a comforting, nourishing shake, I’m back in my warm cocoon of a bed to do my work and gather my thoughts.

It’s normal to let yourself down; what matters is that you continue to get back up and keep believing in yourself. <3

Dancing Queen

“Courage is very important. Like a muscle, it is strengthened by use.” 

– Ruth Gordon

IMG_1930Tonight I went out for Halloween alone, sober, for a night of dancing at the Oakland Museum of California! For damage control, I drank two servings of Butterfinger Shakeology (without the almond milk)… I had so much energy that I RAN to the Museum many stops early from the bus! I was shy at first when I saw the small amount of people on the dance floor, so I meandered throughout the museum. Eventually I forced myself to get over it and just dance… I had prepared by bringing only my id, clipper card and phone, which I tucked into my boot so that I could be hands-free. Mostly I grooved with the kids, and then gradually I loosened up and really started to dance by myself, encouraging more adults to move, too. One of the little girls ran up to me after dancing and gave me a 2 pack of Starburst! I thanked her; it was so sweet. A little boy, seeing this, ran over with a bar of candy!!! I thanked him and gave him the starburst, and then gave the little girl the candy bar. <3 Then, out of nowhere, a flash mob erupted into Thriller! It was epic. Still with tons of energy, I RAN all the way back to the bus, and then home from there. :) My life is forever changed by being a Beachbody Coach — I have more energy and self-confidence than I ever dreamed of!!!

Claim your life


This is my sharing my personal journey with you…

The green cutting was a gift from my close friends when they moved me from Santa Cruz to the San Francisco East Bay in February. Last winter, they graciously and with open hearts welcomed me into their home: I released most all of my possessions and for THREE MONTHS I lived on their living room futon couch. I was working for near minimum wage, supplementing this meager income with childcare under the table. No matter what the weather conditions, I cycled the 10-mile commute, as I chose to live without a car (not like I could have afforded one anyway).

I was tired, overweight, and fresh off of heartbreak. It seemed ludicrous to use the little savings I had on a fitness challenge pack, but I saw the value in Shakeology, as I have studied nutrition supplements and both worked with & shadowed Naturopathic Physicians. I signed up as a coach solely to get the discount, not intending to do any “coaching.”

I had been stunting my own growth because I wasn’t giving myself permission to fully live. I was too scared to grow because I felt paralyzed by all of the possibilities in how to fulfill my “potential.” For eight months, this plant lived tightly wound in a tiny glass bottle, and through a miracle, I know that I am able to help and support it. Just like coaching, it was something that I could do “later,” as in, when I reached my POTENTIAL…

Marianne Williamson says it beautifully in her book, “A Return to Love”: “There is no point in waiting until we are perfect in what we do, or enlightened masters, or Ph.D.s in life, before opening ourselves to what we’re CAPABLE of doing now.”

That’s how I felt, too: as though I had been stunting my own growth. Like my inner light, I kept it in, out of fear. Fear that I wasn’t worthy; that I wouldn’t be a good leader, fear of waiting until I reached my “potential” to share and to grow.

Like the plant, I was inhibiting myself, and with a shift in context for my life, I am taking the steps one after the other, instead of jumping from A to Z. It is my responsibility to share the journey that I’m on and my faith in God/Love.

Just like me, you know in your heart that you were born to do great things, and the only person who can free you is yourself!

Coastal Cleanup

Coastal Cleanup was a success here in the East Bay! After a few hours of scouring the beach, I came up with less than a pound of trash! Huge difference from when I was living in Santa Cruz & Massachusetts. The most prevalent items were cigarette butts, styrofoam, and nut shells.

coastal cleanupIMG_9964

What do you think: are nut shells considered trash?

The Connection

Where your attention goes, energy flows….

I am enormously grateful for the opportunity to attend the San Francisco premiere of “The Connection” next week: a film scientifically proving that you can change your mind, change your health, and change your life.

Check it out!:

Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing


Is this scene familiar to you? What can you do about it?

Have the intention to give LOVE freely, even if it is through a simple kind thought or a real smile.

Goodness will likewise be repaid <3

I am not sharing this to toot my own horn. God knows what I have done and that is the only judgement I care about. I’m sharing this to inspire others to love the world back to health with me. I am sharing it because today I truly learned that “what goes around, comes around.”

Walking through SF this morning, I passed this sleeping homeless woman, perhaps my own age. I snapped this picture of her to remind myself of social justice. I desired to help her in some way, yet had only the exact amount of money needed for an appointment that I was on my way to.

About to turn on my heel, I remembered the packed lunch that I had brought with me. It was as if a force greater than me took over my body. I approached her slowly & clearly spoke that I was leaving her food and to not be alarmed. She didn’t wake up, so I left the container of herbed quinoa, broccoli, chicken, early tomatoes, feta and kalamata olives by her head.

I felt light as a feather.

Immediately following this event, the next person I passed looked me in the eye and sincerely told me that he thought me gorgeous. A genuine compliment like that is bound to brighten anyone’s day, don’t you think? It seemed as though everyone I passed on that walk had a ready smile or a friendly greeting. Later, I was blessed with a delicious meal from Whole Foods, found out that I have much more financial stability than I was led to believe, and I was asked out on a date by a beautiful man (inside and out)!

It can feel all too easy to be resentful or jealous, to ignore someone’s presence or to gossip.

Remember… One receives only that which is given. You have the choice to freely give love, and it doesn’t cost a thing. <3